New High Torque 16DCT Athlonix™ Mini Motor

Portescap introduces the new 16DCT motor to its high torque DCT range of Athlonix motors. The 16DCT motor can deliver continuous torque up to 5.24 mNm at a length of only 26mm.

The 16DCT utilizes powerful Neodymium magnets and Portescap’s proven energy efficient coreless design. The optimized self-supporting coil ensures high performance is delivered in a compact package, reducing the overall cost of ownership. Compared to similar motors in the market, the 16DCT has the lowest motor regulation (R/K2) which means it has a lower drop in speed at increasing load. This provides the most powerful motor available at your disposal for various challenging application needs. This feature, combined with efficiency up to 85%, makes the 16DCT motor an ideal motion solution for battery operated tools.

16DCT is available with precious metal and graphite commutation systems and is ideal for applications such as medical and industrial pumps, drug delivery systems, robotic systems (bionic fingers), small industrial power tools, tattoo machines, mesotherapy guns, dental tools, watch winders, and industrial grippers. Other applications including security and access and humanoid robots can excel using the 16DCT Athlonix motor.

Post time: Feb-27-2018
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