Maintenance of car motors

Maintenance of car motors

On September 22, 2021, the maintenance and maintenance points of automobile motors:

1. Wiring of the motor: the four lead wires of the motor are marked as follows: A1—the first end of the armature winding, A2—the end of the armature winding, D1 (D3)—the first end of the series winding, D2 (D4)—the series excitation Winding end. D2 is connected with A1, and voltage is applied between D1 and A2, and the motor can rotate. If you want to reverse D1, D2 or any group of A1, A2, it can be realized.

2. There are 4 inspection windows at the commutator end of the motor for observing and maintaining the commutator and replacing the brushes.

3. The minimum allowable insulation resistance of the motor is (250V megohmmeter): 0.5MΩ for motors below 45 volts, 1 MΩ for motors with 45-100V.

4. When necessary, the small grooves between the commutator segments and the carbon powder on the surface of the commutator should be cleaned.

5. The motor does not allow high-speed idling to start.

6. Open the shutters regularly to check whether the reversing part and the electric brush are normal.

Post time: Sep-22-2021