How to select ventilating motor ?

How to select ventilating motor ?

How to select ventilating motor ?
1. The first parameters to be paid attention to when selecting a suitable ventilating motor are: air volume, total pressure, efficiency, specific sound pressure level, speed and motor power.

2. When selecting the ventilating motor, it shall be carefully compared, and the products with high efficiency, small machine size, light weight and large adjustment range shall be preferred.

3. ventilating motor can be divided into three categories according to pressure: high pressure ventilation equipment P > 3000pa, medium pressure ventilation equipment 1000 ≤ P ≤ 3000pa and low pressure ventilation equipment P < 1000Pa. Different types of ventilation motors are selected according to the physical and chemical properties and uses of the conveyed gas.

4. When variable frequency ventilating motor is adopted, the total pressure loss calculated by the system shall be taken as the rated wind pressure, but the motor power of ventilation equipment shall be added 15% ~ 20% to the calculated value.

5. Considering the air leakage loss and calculation error of the pipeline system, as well as the negative deviation of the actual air volume and air pressure of the ventilation equipment, the safety factor of air volume of 1.05 ~ 1.1 and air pressure of 1.10 ~ 1.15 is generally adopted for the selection of ventilation motor. In order to prevent the ventilation motor from operating in the low efficiency area for a long time, too large safety factor should not be adopted.

6. When the working conditions of ventilating motor (such as gas temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc.) are inconsistent with the sample working conditions of ventilation motor, the performance of ventilation equipment shall be corrected.

7. In order to ensure the stable operation of the ventilating motor, the ventilation motor shall work near its maximum efficiency point. The working point of the ventilation motor is located on the right side of the peak point of total pressure in the performance curve (i.e. large air volume side, and generally located at 80% of the peak value of total pressure). The efficiency of ventilation motor under design working condition shall not be lower than 90% of the maximum efficiency of fan.

Post time: Jan-18-2022